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Leaking Tap Repair: Why Is My Tap Leaking? Diagnosing It

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One can never think that a dripping sound coming from the tap means you have a leakage in your house. It can waste water, in addition to your electricity bill as well as create some serious problems in your plumbing if not fixed. It is useful to understand why a tap is leaking and when it will be necessary to ask for leaking tap repair services from a specialist. 

Common Causes of Leaking Taps

 Some of the most frequent reasons that can make outdoor faucet leaking include the following:

 1. Worn Out Washer: This is one of the main causes of a leaking tap and many plumbing problems. At one point the washer in a tap wears off due to constant usage leading to the imperative of water passing through the tap even when it is closed. 

 2. O-Ring Issues: The rubber O-ring practically a small that is responsible for sealing the valve stem can wear, damage, or even get loose. This mostly leads to leakage at the handle of the tap. 

 3. Corroded Valve Seat: Valve seat is a component which joins the tap to the spout. Concerning the indications of the mechanism of failure, leakage around the spout area can result from corrosion from water sediments. 

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Preventative Maintenance Tips for Taps

 – Regular Inspections: Always ensure that your taps are checked now and then to see if they have undergone some wear and tear. To reduce the severity of the issues, one must avoid the onset of more serious harms. Getting the best leaking tap repair in Caroline Springs is a great idea.

 – Replace Washers and O-Rings: These are relatively cheap and can just be removed and replaced if they get damaged. It is possible to prevent leakages to happen because of the worn out elements within the system by doing so. 

 – Check Water Pressure: Check that the pressure of the water that you use is within the suggested amounts. High water pressure also poses a threat to taps, showers and any other product that is connected to water systems. 

When to Call SJSPlumbing for Professional Help

While many tap issues can be resolved with some DIY know-how, certain situations need a plumber to fix leaking tap:

 – Persistent Leaks: Sometimes, people try to solve the problem, and they find that the above solutions are ineffective; in this case, the only thing that remains is to seek help from a professional plumber. 

 – Complex Repairs: It is also important to note that some taps, due to the type and style, may be intricate; these are mainly contemporary or luxurious taps. Professional plumbers would fix leaky faucet more often as they have the equipment and knowledge in doing so. 

 – Water Damage: When a simple tap is dripping, water may seep into other parts of the house; with the help of a professional, he or she is capable of determining any flaws that have been created that need to fix leaking tap.  

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 FAQs about Tap Repairs 

 Q: How much can be wasted by a dripping tap? 

A: A single dripping tap, let alone a shower head can use up to 20,000 liters of water in one year, which will not only increase your water bill but also be a menace to the environment. 

 Q: Is it possible to repair a leaking tap on my own? 

 A: Of course, a vast number of leaks can be quite easily repaired with simple hand tools and with average knowledge of the usual plumbing problems. However, if such an issue takes a long time to solve or appears to be extremely tough to solve, it is advisable to contact a specialist. 

 Q: How can I determine if I have high water pressure? 

 A: If you wish to check how much pressure you have, easy approaches such as acquiring a water pressure gauge from a hardware store are available. But the recommended normal pressure level is often considered to be in between 40-60 psi. If so, then the stream may require a pressure regulator. 

 Q: How often do taps require maintenance to be done? 

 A: You should check your taps once every few months and should service your taps at least once in a year. 


 Leaking tap is a small nuisance that just about any home would experience, but it is a case that should not be overlooked. If you prevent the following causes then you will be in a position to maintain your taps in a good working order. However, when the issue persists, one has to call a competent service provider such as SJSPlumbing for leaky faucet repair. Do not let this become a much bigger issue, fix it as soon as you note that there is some leakage.